Kendall County Municipal Law Attorneys

Municipal Law Attorney's

Through the municipal law and public agency practice at The Law Offices of Dallas Ingemunson, PC, our attorneys guide their clients through complex legal matters. In addition, our lawyers represent municipalities and other public entities, providing advice and counsel in all the myriad legal issues governmental units face on a daily basis.

In many ways, operating a municipality or other public entity is like running a large corporation. For instance, government agencies are often the single largest employer in a community and therefore have to deal with all the issues faced by any large employer, including budgeting and payroll and human resources and labor issues, from wage and hour issues to employment discrimination and wrongful termination claims. But public entities operate differently than their counterparts in the private sector in a range of other ways as well. Public meetings, ethics rules, and an endless host of laws, rules, and regulations govern what employers and agencies in the public sector can and cannot do.

Attorneys representing or working with public agencies draw on business or commercial transactions, civil litigation, and real estate law experience, but with the added knowledge of municipal law. Our firm has represented independent special districts and other independent agencies, as well as the City of Yorkville and other municipalities.